Gymnasium Trittau

Gymnasium Trittau  is a public secondary school  situated in Trittau, a small town in a mostly rural  area  on the outskirts of the city of Hamburg, Germany.  We have more than 1000 students here.  You can easily  find Gymnasium Trittau in Trittau’s large center of schools.

Our school is a member of the group of MINTEC-Schools. Those schools are networked  and promote teaching math, computer science, natural sciences  and  technology. Our instruction  is complemented  by entering  regional and national contests aimed at advancing capable students.  Industrial internships are provided on a regular basis.

Gymnasium Trittau offers a wide variety in lots of other subjects as well,  like art, performing arts  and  music.

As to languages:  English, in 5th grade, is the first foreign language, and a year later the student has the choice of French or Latin  (2nd language).  Spanish (3rd language) can be chosen from 8th grade on.  Spanish  also determines  the so-called  language profile in our senior classes. Thus our students have the opportunity of practicing foreign languages for at least five years.

We are happy to maintain good relations with several sister schools in the world and are enjoying student exchanges with these schools  in France, Hungary, Spain, Estonia, the US and Tanzania.

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